Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) 1300 Series

One Radio for All Conditions

The IBR is the only wireless backhaul radio to maintain the strict performance requirements of LTE in AnyLOS, with sustained performance that automatically aligns and adapts to any radio line of sight conditions. Regardless of obstructions between the access network and the backhaul service edge, service providers can utilize a single device for wireless backhaul with confidence, even in changing urban environments.

  • Non-Line of Sight: Complete obstructions requiring radio wave to propagate around street corners, buildings, trees, or mobile obstructions. The IBR is the only backhaul solution capable of operation in complete NLOS conditions.
  • Near-Line of Sight: Partial obstruction, working around obstacles such as trees and across rooftops.
  • Line of Sight: Unobstructed link, similar to traditional point to point microwave at distances of a few kilometers, but without any precision alignment requirement.

Maximum Spectrum Utilization

Meeting the challenges of a 1,000x throughput increase demands access to as much commercially viable spectrum as possible. Despite its enormous latent capacity, the 5GHz unlicensed bands have been understandably off limits for commercial services – until now. Application of advanced technology enables the IBR to sustain the high throughput and low latency service requirements of LTE backhaul while simultaneously mitigating even severe levels of interference. Fastback’s patented and proven Extreme Interference Protection (XIP™) algorithm provides the intelligence to examine interference simultaneously across the time, frequency, space and cancellation domains while providing channel equalization, adaptive modulation and frequency agility in order to guarantee absolute carrier grade performance. XIP unleashes new levels of certainty and reliability, along with the advantages of tapping hundreds of MHz of available 5 GHz spectrum to relieve the capacity constraints of licensed bands.

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Site Simplicity

The IBR’s unique combination and integration of hardware and software has resulted in a system that contains far fewer managed elements per site than ever before. The integration of switching functions reduces equipment costs, lowers operating expenses, and facilitates ease of installation and maintenance. Incorporating the functions of a carrier class, high performance radio, Carrier Ethernet switch, 1588v2 timing, User network interface (UNI) demarcation (Demarc), NID and SLA-OAM, CFM and PM capabilities, the IBR requires dramatically less space and power while minimizing points of failure.

Ease of Installation & Maintenance

With far fewer managed elements than a typical installation and featuring power over Ethernet or AC power, auto alignment and rapid synchronization, the IBR can be mounted, aligned and in-service anywhere by non-skilled labor in less than 15 minutes. The IBR’s patented technology eliminates the need for recurring alignment, and combined with remote software upgrades and ruggedized IP66 rating, the IBR is a true set and forget solution.

The IBR discrete form factor is designed for simple mounting on the wide range of site locations required for current and future LTE mobile networks, including tall towers, the tops and sides of buildings and billboards, as well as street assets such as light poles and cable strand.

Fastback’s innovative use of FDD transmission (no A/B end) further simplifies installation, troubleshooting, configuration and cuts the cost of deployment spares in half. Quick and uncomplicated alignment is a strength of the IBR, enabled by the wide azimuthal and vertical apertures that make installation and operation simple.

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