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Sidestep the limitation of legacy backhaul solutions.
Fastback brings high performance connectivity to any location, impaired on in the clear, powering a broad range of applications and use cases.

Macro Cell Backhaul

Increase Capacity & Density, Connect Obstructed Sites

Fastback backhaul solutions accelerate the upgrade and expansion of macro cells, as site by site operators expand capacity and density to deliver pervasive LTE service. Tier 1 US service providers are rapidly adopting the Fastback IBR for a fast and low cost fix to former Line of Sight (LOS) macro sites now requiring Non Line of Sight (NLOS) connectivity due to urban buildup or other obstructions. IBR high capacity operation across Any Line of Sight (AnyLOS) is also ideal for new macro fill-in sites in clear, partially or fully obstructed conditions where economical fiber access is unavailable. The IBR leads the industry in delivering high capacity LTE macro backhaul requirements for the toughest fully NLOS shots.

The IBR lowers capex and opex for macro site deployments with extreme ease of installation and management, faster time and lower cost to deploy vs. fiber, and the benefits of 5GHz operation including no frequency planning or recurring spectrum costs.

Small Cell Backhaul

Increase Density for Street Level Service Where You Need It

Fastback offers service providers high performance with superior economics for higher density outdoor small cells to power faster mobile data speeds and better quality of experience. With small cell backhaul solutions leveraging both millimeter wave and 5 GHz spectrum, Fastback formulates optimal combinations of high capacity solutions in multiple frequencies, integrating both in the network architecture for precision location of small cells with the best economics.

The Liberator V and E Band solutions provide Gigabit performance at lowest cost for connecting short and medium distance small cell LOS links. While the IBR enables the flexibility for high performance operation across Any Line of Sight (AnyLOS) radio conditions, a longer range of distance options, and is unmatched at connecting the most challenging NLOS links. This range of solutions creates freedom of location to place LTE small cells for maximum cellular spectrum return on investment, and enables delivery of services to precise locations per subscriber demand. Fastback backhaul solutions are designed for street level, with small form factor and aesthetic designs.

Temporary Mobile Backhaul

Cellular on Wheels & Portable Data Connectivity

Fastback radios are a fast, easy to install portable wireless Ethernet solutions for mobile operators and enterprises that need to establish high capacity temporary service or data connectivity for extra capacity or coverage, emergency situations, disaster relief, or fiber infrastructure failures.

Fastback radios are ideally suited to mobile backhaul services for both cellular and WiFi for temporary installations, such as cellular on wheels for special events, and provider services for emergency or disaster locations. Operators are tapping the Fastback solutions to power mobile services for large concerts, festivals, stadiums, and government events, and as temporary links between fiber nodes during a fiber break event. The IBR’s rich feature set gives service providers the versatility to efficiently deliver temporary services, with unprecedented rapid installation, zero alignment, high tolerance to link obstructions, and integrated CE2.0 switch capability. The Liberator millimeter radios are well suited to portability providing Gigabit capacity for short haul links in a small economical device.

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Enterprise Services

Expand High Speed Wireless Capacity in More Locations

Service providers of wireless Ethernet connectivity utilize Fastback solutions to meet the rapidly growing demand for more data capacity and higher reliability services in more locations. For applications such as last mile broadband internet service, private building to building links, campus connectivity, wired network bridging, fiber extension, metro WiFi and alternative ISP backhaul, the Liberator and IBR products enable a fast, economic, fiber equivalent connection for high capacity connectivity in either LOS or NLOS conditions.

For leased line alternative applications, Fastback radios enable ISPs immediate time to market with superior economics for customers. The Liberator V band offering provides fiber backbone extension with Gigabit speeds at very low cost bringing greater capacity and performance to customers requiring short and medium distance LOS links. The IBR tackles mixed and challenging line of sight links, with options for longer range. Both solutions excel as ease of installation and maintenance, and bring customers the quicker and easier frequency planning advantages of unlicensed and lightly licensed operation.

Wireless Security, HD CCTV

Build Secure, Economical High Capacity Networks

Fastback wireless Ethernet solutions provide fast, economical high capacity connectivity for wireless security systems requiring the fast data speeds, high availability and secure transmission paramount to safety and security surveillance. Applications include city surveillance systems, public safety public spaces, utilities security, campus and temporary surveillance systems. The growing demand for HD CCTV networks in more locations means high capacity wireless backhaul is increasingly needed to provide faster and lower cost connections vs. fiber, and reach locations where fiber is not available.

The Liberator and IBR products meet the speed, security and reliability requirements with proven five 9’s reliability, AES-256 and TRANSSEC over the air security features, and highest capacity, lowest latency performance. The Liberator solutions deliver multi-gigabit speeds to extend the fiber edge via wireless in LOS conditions, while the IBR address all the obstructed and longer range locations. All Fastback solutions are designed with form factor and aesthetics in mind for discrete and quick installation, with typical deployments requiring hours vs. days. And wireless security network providers benefit from use of unlicensed and lightly licensed spectrum, with no installation delays for frequency planning, as well as no recurring spectrum costs.

Private Networks

High Capacity Connectivity

Companies in oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, government, mining, healthcare, education, financial services and other sectors leverage Fastback wireless solutions to easily extend high capacity connectivity to previously inaccessible locales.

The IBR’s versatility – easy to deploy and move, low touch maintenance, high tolerance to obstructions, and high performance in 5GHz spectrum – makes it ideally suited to mobile networks in isolated sites and challenging conditions. The IBR provides the high capacity connectivity required to improve monitoring, data access, and security for large facilities and distributed sites across wide areas.

The Liberator solutions excel in high demand, high value data connectivity applications where Gigabit performance, high interference immunity, security, and small form factor are key, such as hospital campuses, security, and university campuses. Liberator provides reliable connectivity for data access, real-time monitoring and security, and communications redundancy.

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