High Capacity Backhaul Solutions


Breakthroughs in performance, versatility, reliability, and ease of installation are making Fastback solutions the high capacity backhaul radios of choice for enabling omnipresent mobile access.

Backhaul Innovation for Unprecedented Performance
& Ease of Deployment

Fastback backhaul solutions apply advanced and novel technology in sub 6GHz and millimeter wave spectrum to enable connectivity in the widest range of radio conditions. With our expertise in these technologies, which are poised to dominant backhaul in the 4G/5G future, Fastback leads in delivery of cohesive solutions that integrate both mmW and 5 GHz radio devices.

Fastback backhaul solutions are unmatched in meeting the high throughput, low latency, and high reliability requirements for high performance connectivity applications. With the choice of optimal Line of Sight (LOS) and None Line of Sight (NLOS) capabilities to meet any network requirements, Fastback dramatically expands the backhaul options for service providers and private networks. The Fastback Networks product families of sub6 GHz, 60 GHz, and 70-80 GHz backhaul radios extend the reach of high performance Carrier Ethernet and are universally easy and economical to install, deploy, maintain and scale.

5 GHz Solutions

The World’s Most Intelligent and Versatile Backhaul Radio

Built from the ground up for 4G/5G LTE networks, the Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) fuses advanced radio frequency and software-defined radio technologies; sophisticated switching and LTE silicon, proprietary architecture, signal processing and antenna array design — all in a single device. The result is an intelligent, versatile and easily installed radio device that delivers multiple “firsts” in backhaul operation.

The IBR is packed with advances, including highest speed with lowest latency, breakthroughs in transmission to ease set-up and mitigate interference, on-board power to simplify install, and a compact design that guarantees deployment in any location or environment. These innovations address customers’ real-world challenges of network densification, both technically and economically. From macrocell upgrades in LOS and nLOS conditions, to new connectivity across fully obstructed NLOS environments, the IBR has proven its ability to delivery carrier grade reliability with a minimum of Five 9’s availability across radio environments.

Millimeter Wave Solutions

Liberator Family:
High Capacity, Low Complexity Urban Connectivity

Mobile operators and ISPs around the world use Fastback’s Liberator millimeter wave (mmW) point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges for demanding backhaul and connectivity requirements. Providing multi-gigabit capacity, and operating in the license exempt or lightly licensed 60 and 70/80 GHz millimeter wave bands, the Liberator radios deliver highest capacity at very low cost for rapid ROI.

A combination of leading-edge technology and superior attention to detail in every element of design and manufacture means the Liberator radios pack huge performance and resilience into a small form factor, ideal for discrete street-level networks. The all outdoor Liberator systems make for easy, fast installation, with light or no licensing requirements, and the interference-free operation characteristics of mmW spectrum. Millimeter wave spectrum provides ample radio frequency bandwidth, ideal for the needs of higher capacity networks. And the very narrow beam widths offers inherent frequency re-use, interference immunity and security advantages.

Transforming the Economics of Mobile Backhaul

Conventional backhaul radio deployments are characterized by lengthy planning and installation cycles, site selection limitations, high labor costs, and numerous hops. Fastback solutions tap the advantages of 5GHz and millimeter bands to change this picture completely, and in doing so, transform the economics of LTE deployments, and high capacity connectivity.
Very short planning cycles: Unlicensed operations eliminates the need for frequency coordination and LOS surveys, simplifying planning while presenting dramatically fewer site limitations.
Faster, lower cost installations: Installation can be performed easily by minimally trained personnel, with automatic unit alignment slashing number of personnel required and time-to-implementation.
Lower CAPEX and OPEX: Fastback backhaul solutions lower total cost of ownership, minimizing elements per site, as well as installation, support and maintenance costs, offering the lowest possible backhaul cost on a per site basis.

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