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Accelerate LTE Deployment with the World’s Most
Intelligent Backhaul Radio

With a host of technologies never before combined in a single device, Fastback® Networks’ Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR™) is the only radio in the world that fully satisfies the stringent backhaul requirements of LTE macro and small cell sites under all wireless conditions. Capable of throughput in excess of 800 Mbps with an unparalleled less than 500 µsec latency in Any Line of Sight (AnyLOS™) conditions, the IBR assures service edge availability for new and existing LTE sites in both Line of Sight and Non-Line of Sight radio environments. The IBR’s architectural flexibility and feature rich system supports any network topology, integrates seamlessly with most major OEM’s and can be inserted anywhere in the network hierarchy. Service providers need not delay LTE service while waiting to install fiber for backhaul. The IBR enables fast and affordable expansion of LTE service today to meet demands anywhere.

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Powering the Next Generation of Mobile Services

Planning and deploying networks to increase density and throughput per user requires continual network upgrades and expansion. Site by site each mobile operator is advancing the speed and performance of their network to build the network of the future. Fastback’s wireless backhaul solution is purpose built to exceed the backhaul needs of any LTE site regardless of size, type or location, supporting LTE service requirements today and future proofing for the continual evolution of the long-term evolution network. The IBR is equally suitable for upgrades to existing macrocell sites, precision location of new macrocell fill-in sites and ultimately for large scale deployment of small cell sites.


Macrocell LTE Backhaul

Performance requirements for LTE service exceed the capacity capabilities of today’s 3G macrocell backhaul infrastructure. The IBR uniquely delivers what’s needed to upgrade existing 3G macrocell sites for LTE service, including a minimum10x increase in backhaul throughput, a 10x decrease in latency and new capabilities to support packet based timing, IP architecture and multiple traffic types. In addition, the IBR enables service providers to achieve greater density of coverage via Macrocell LTE fill-in placed in NLOS locations without access to fiber.

The IBR’s feature rich, AnyLOS capability supports a direct X2 connection, the protocol for eNodeB handover between towers, eliminating the need for expensive hub and spoke architecture in macrocell deployments. Additionally, high performance in NLOS means reduced equipment costs associated with multiple LOS hops. AnyLOS allows network operators to reach multiple fiber points-of-presence from a single macrocell tower, providing access to competing Ethernet backhaul providers resulting in lowered operating costs.

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Small Cell Backhaul

By providing the flexibility to place small footprint cellular services where and when needed to dramatically supplement the capacity of existing infrastructure, the IBR is defining the new market requirements for small cell LTE backhaul in “street level” conditions. AnyLOS operation creates freedom of location to place LTE small cells for maximum cellular spectrum return on investment, and enables delivery of services to precise locations per subscriber demand.

Future proofing the backhaul service requirements necessary to establish a footprint for large scale small cell build-out, the IBR performance exceeds the requirement for a 5x leap in capacity with a 10x decrease in latency over legacy backhaul solutions, and provides the capability to support packet based timing, IP architecture and multiple traffic types. The IBR’s high performance across both LOS and NLOS conditions, coupled with its’ feature rich system architecture, ensures operators can rapidly scale LTE small cell networks and cost effectively deploy speed and density to any cellular service area.

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