Liberator E1000e Dual Port

High Capacity 70/80 GHz Band Radio:
Practicality and Performance in a Lightweight, Carrier Grade Device

The Liberator E1000e Dual Port is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, wireless Ethernet point-to-point bridge operating in the 70/80 GHz millimeter wave E band. A secondary data port with both GigE copper & SFP sockets, allows flexibility for either Cat5 or fiber connections interchangeably. This allows both copper and fiber tributaries to be aggregated over the radio link, and is particularly useful for daisy-chaining in small cell backhaul applications.

With 30 or 60 cm antennas, the E1000e Dual Port is an all-outdoor, small form factor platform for low profile street or roof deployments. With interference free operation, multiple radios can be co-located, maximizing flexibility and minimizing site acquisition costs. Combining carrier class performance and advanced features such as adaptive modulation, multi-channel operation, low latency, software-activated flexible link throughput and AES 256 bit encryption, the E1000e Dual Port supports urban high performance backhaul and connectivity applications.

  • Up to 1 Gbit/s full duplex capacity with FDD
  • Up to 4km range
  • Primary port GigE/PoE, secondary data port GigE copper/SFP
  • Robust aluminum housing to withstand severe weather conditions
  • 256-bit AES encryption option available for added security
  • SyncE and lEEE 1588 compliant synchronization
  • Easy alignment with optical scope

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Ease of Installation & Maintenance

The Liberator E1000e is ideal for easily and quickly establishing and managing links for last mile and backhaul applications. With options for 30 or 60 cm antennas depending on required range, the E1000e all-outdoor platform is suited to discrete deployments. Multiple radios can be co-located with interference free operation, maximizing flexibility and minimizing site acquisition costs. Housed in a lightweight robust aluminum chassis, the units are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

E Band Advantages

Plentiful Spectrum & Security

The E band is a pair of 5 GHz-wide channels between 71 – 76 GHz and 81 – 86 GHz. This 10 GHz of spectrum, which is typically available on a lightly-licensed basis, supports much higher throughput than traditional microwave technology, while also enabling link distances of up to 4 km. Multiple channel options in the 70/80 GHz E band allow deployment without interference, ideal for a wide variety of high capacity connectivity and backhaul applications.

The very narrow beam widths of the E band high-gain antennas provide enhanced frequency re-use and interference immunity, and make interception and eavesdropping very difficult. These narrow beams combined with proprietary over the air protocols and optional AES encryption make millimeter wave point to point (PTP) links very secure, and superior to standards-based implementations such as 802.11, where interception devices are easy to implement. E Band links are also unaffected by fog, snow or dust storms making them an ideal replacement for Free Space Optics deployments.

Low Cost Multi-Gigabit Capacity

The Liberator E1000e brings compelling economic advantages to wireless high capacity connectivity. Faster time to implement vs. fiber, low complexity installation and maintenance, interference-free operation and low or no spectrum licensing costs, make the E1000e the lowest-cost option for multi-gigabit capacity for short and medium haul connectivity.

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