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A New Product Lineup & More

Fastback has launched an entirely new product lineup, advancing the scale and reach of both 5 GHz and millimeter wave offerings to achieve unparalleled capability to provide our customers with expanded high performance backhaul and connectivity options. Innovations in the new product line were driven by 1000’s of customer engagements, with a focus on addressing the real-world challenges of network densification, both technically and economically.

The all new Fastback product line-up of sub6 GHz, 60 GHz, and 70-80 GHz backhaul radios extend the reach of high performance Carrier Ethernet, and are also universally easy and economical to install, deploy, maintain and scale. The new IBR-1300 is packed with advances, including world-first breakthroughs in transmission to ease set-up and mitigate interference, on-board power to simplify install, and a compact design that guarantees deployment in any location or environment. The new Liberator V1000 and E1000e high capacity dual port radios deliver advances in carrier class features from multiple port options to longer range, enhanced timing features and refined form factor.

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